The dynamic world we live in poses new risks and threats, alongside the old ones appear. The development of technology will undoubtedly create opportunities to improve our lives, but it will also pose new challenges. We can expect appearance of crises of different nature, such as the one caused by COVID-19. That is why we need to have an understanding of the potential negative developments for security in order to be better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

It is true that in order to solve a problem, it has to be realized beforehand. Therefore, the conference aim at analyzing the nature of the new technologies and non-military security risks and creating awareness about their potential to influence our societies. Through lectures and discussions Participants will try to create a common understanding of the potential impact of the “emerging and disruptive technologies” on military affairs, capabilities and operations; the scale and dangers of non-military security risks, in order to better inform the public and design makers. Having this understanding will make it easier to find the right solutions. On the other hand, the event will discuss various aspects related to emerging risks and threats, such as legal, ethical and technological aspects, the use of new technologies by NATO′s strategic competitors, share good practices, discuss which policies should be addressed at common or national level, opportunities for cooperation between NATO and the EU and many others.

The Event will create a common platform were participants will be able to freely share information, views, analyses and good practices.